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Why Angazia?

"Angazia" in Swahili means to 'shine on'. We want to improve the health, wealth and wellbeing of our customers and our employees and improve local environments and economies. 

We bring clean, domestic energy and water solutions, like solar lamps and water filters, to poor communities by providing affordable, flexible credit solutions. 


By tapping into existing community-based financial systems like savings groups, we reduce the risk of default which allows us to provide our products up front. Savings groups have many important social benefits such as, increasing financial literacy, peer support and providing women with better control over the household finances. We give existing groups convenient, low-risk access to better products, but we also help to form new groups, which often continue after they have completed their engagement with us.

 Our Model 

The Angazia model is simple:

  • We employ local sales agents who know, use and believe in our products

  • Our sales agents meet with communities to discuss their needs and how our products might help

  • Interested customers are asked to form a group with people they know and trust.

  • The group determines how much they can pay back, together

  • We provide support and guidance in the formation and running of the group as well as how to use and care for the product

  • The products are given out upfront

  • The savings group meets and contributes its money weekly and pay us via mobile money

  • Our sales agents meet with the savings groups monthly, to provide support and advice.

"The solar light gives me more time with my family"

- Herzon Njau, Gioto, Kenya

 Why It Works 

We save people money – all of our products replace an existing cost for our customers. Solar, once paid for, produces free, clean energy for the life of the product. An effective water filter can save a family money on bottled water or fuel for boiling.


Quality and reliability – We offer our customers modern, easy-to-use products and give them a low-risk convenient way to access them. All our products are tested for reliability, durability, sustainability and desirability and come with a 1 year warranty. Our sales agents are trained to conduct basic repairs if needed and faulty products are replaced within a week.

Trust – for most of our customers, purchasing a new product is risky. We build trust using local sales agents from similar communities who have direct and long-term relationships with our customers.

"Angazia is very close to the community"

- Judy Cherono, Lomolo, Kenya

Communication – the success of our business depends on our ability to know exactly what our customers want. Feedback and assessment is an integral part of our operations with customers and within the organisation. We conduct surveys before and after groups purchase a product and use a mobile messaging system to send reminders and product information.


Accountability - We strive to be open and honest in all our dealings with customers. As a mission-driven organisation, we balance profit and social good and measure our impact on the communities as well as our bottom line.

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