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We are building a portfolio of energy and water products to bring to the market. All of our products are thoroughly tested by our sales agents or customers. We look for:


  • Quality – products must be useful, durable, robust, easy to use and repair. They must represent a great return on investment for our customers.

  • Affordability – products that are high quality but have a reasonable repayment horizon for our customers. Anything that takes longer than 9 – 12 months to repay is a difficult proposition for someone with inconsistent income.

  • A Better Alternative - cheaper, safer, or healthier alternatives to currently available products.

  • Sustainability - products that reduce emissions, enhance water or food security or reduce waste

  • Suitability - products that are appropriate to the intended climate, living conditions and cultural setting.

Angazia is product neutral which means we can deliver the most innovative domestic energy or water products available on the market. Our portfolio will include a range of products to progress our customers from entry-level, domestic technology to more effective small home systems (SHS). Our current product range includes:

The Mandarin 2 Solar Light

Designed by Australian company Illumination, the Mandarin 2 is a versatile, high performance, solar-powered light. Angazia sold an earlier version of the Mandarin (pictured) in its first pilot project in 2012. Many of those lights are still going strong today, saving their owners from toxic fumes and the expense of kerosene.



  • A portable, robust, water and weather resistant solar-powered LED light.

  • Water and dust resistant

  • Inbuilt ‘standle’ can be used to hang from the ceiling, stand on a tabletop or carry.

  • 3 year lifespan, 1 year warranty.

  • Sunlight on the solar cells charges the internal NiMH batteries. 6-8 hours of charging will provide 2-15 hours of light (depending on setting).

The Lime 2 Solar Charger

Also from Illumination, the Lime 2 is currently being tested by our sales agents in Kenya and we have had a lot of interest from customers. Mobile phones are now an essential part of life in Africa, but for people not connected to the grid, charging their phone means having to travel to the local business with power and leaving it there. This takes time and energy, sometimes the phone is not safe, and it can be costly. The Lime 2 allows people to charge overnight in their own homes.



  • Pocket-sized portable solar powered charger

  • Large super-efficient solar panel for fast charging

  • Built-in torch with super bright setting

  • Water-resistant design 

  • 5 year lifespan, 1 year warranty.

Cera Maji Water Filter

We have just begun testing of the Cera Maji water filter but early feedback seems promising. Our sales agents report the filter is easy to use, robust and keeps the water cool. The Cera Maji is locally produced by the Kenya Ceramic Project.



  • Made with local clay and temper material

  • 100% coliform bacterial elimination

  • Colloidal silver coating provides an anti-bacterial coating, increasing efficacy of the filter

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