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Our People

Our agents establish a personal relationship with customers, building trust, spending time in the community, and helping with product support and maintenance. They are the uniformed and branded ‘face’ of Angazia, presenting a credible and aspirational image. 


Daniel Njenga (right) is one of our first Sales Agents. He lives in an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Nakuru with his family. He purchased a Mandarin light in the first pilot and is a strong advocate for it benefits. Although he is a leader in his community and a motivated and ambitious individual, Daniel’s displacement makes finding employment difficult. 

"I feel like working for Angazia has increased my skills and experience"

- Judy Mugambi, Angazia Sales Agent

Wherever possible we employ people from the communities we operate in. We look for initiative, enthusiasm, compassion, local knowledge, communication and literacy skills. Each new agent receives comprehensive training on sales techniques, product use and information, techniques for savings groups and customer service.


We recognise that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, and that formal employment gives our people access to financial services, social security and medical cover. It also improves their opportunity for other employment should they wish to move on. Angazia is committed to giving everyone involved with us the opportunity for improvement. We believe that having employees, rather than a network of entrepreneurs will attract talent and reduce turnover, as well as providing us with a consistent brand and sales approach.

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