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About Us

Marc and Elisa, the founders of Angazia (formerly Marked Impact) with a team of six local sales agents have successfully completed three small-scale, self-funded pilots across 11 communities in Kenya and Tanzania. Together, Angazia have impacted over 500 households.

"One is allowed to share his/her views. Every person in Angazia is considered to be important"

- Daniel Njenga, Angazia sales agent

Angazia is a mission first, for-profit business because we think this is the best way to deliver the impact we want to see in the world. We believe that having impact is naturally aligned with creating customer value and therefore value for the company, creating a long-term solution, and eliminating the need for donor funding.

We love to talk about what we do...
Marc Fletcher

Marc has seen first-hand the impact that group borrowing can have in both the Philippines (as a guest of the Grameen Foundation Australia) and in Kenya. He holds degrees in Science and Commerce, and has a background in IT business analysis and commercial and government market research. Currently working for the State Government of Victoria, Marc’s commerce, business and strategic planning skills are making Angazia a reality.

Elisa Dunstan

Elisa’s responsibilities include the administration (legal/financial), planning and communications for Angazia. With a strong desire to see social justice, she is a supporter of Amnesty, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, CERES fair food and has volunteered with social and arts organisations. Until recently a Senior Consultant (Business Analyst) for Object Consulting, with a background in Project Management, workshop and training facilitation and fundraising, she now works full-time for Angazia.

Our pilot team in Kenya consists of 6 sales agents, based in the Nakuru ‘Pipeline’ IDP camp, who are responsible for managing and connecting with our pilot groups and providing us with customer feedback. The team bring local knowledge, sales and community banking skills, helping us to keep across the needs of our clients and providing invaluable links to local communities.  

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