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Everybody should have the same opportunities to live, learn and be healthy.
By using savings groups to help people access improved energy and water technologies on credit, we aim to increase the financial resilience, health, wellbeing, and educational outcomes of our customers and their children.
Angazia helps families in Kenya afford
life-improving technologies.
Lack of access to affordable energy and clean water condemn many people in the developing world to a life of poverty, but new innovations are being developed to solve these fundamental problems. 

 Our Mission 

 The Solution 

New technology means there are now simple solutions, like solar lamps and water filters which can be used in the home.
This is where we see the most opportunity for improvement. 
We want to get these products to the people who need them most, people living on less than $2 a day.

“I don't buy kerosene the way I was buying daily. I can cook early and go to bed early.” - Peninah, "Menya Ciaku" group, Giwa Farm, Kenya

 What We Do 

Angazia works with Informal Savings Groups. These groups are voluntary, self-managed organizations based on trust and shared need.
We build on existing community relationships to provide our products up front and allow our customers to pay back in a timeframe they can manage, while they reap the benefits. This makes our products affordable to those who are stuck in the cycle of daily subsistence.

  Our Business  

Angazia believes we can achieve social good through good business, and good business to us means establishing trust and ensuring reliability.
We employ local agents who build relationships with communities and are advocates for our products and our model. We cover the full product lifecycle; the same people who sold the product are there to service the product and measure social impact.
Our model means we can deliver the most innovative domestic energy or water products available on the market.. By combining products and financing, we are more effective and sustainable in delivering energy and water solutions that will help poor communities achieve a better life. 

  The Team  

Marc Fletcher and Elisa Dunstan are the founders of Angazia. With a team of six local sales agents they have successfully completed three small-scale, self-funded pilots across 12 communities in Kenya and Tanzania. Together they have impacted over 500 households and had some fun doing it.
Talk to us now to find out more.
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